There is a new entertainment venue near us called Your 3rd Spot. The idea behind it is we have our home, we have our work, but we also need a third spot where we can unwind and be entertained, and connect to others in a relaxed environment. The venue is a combination of everything you would look for to have fun. It includes good food, gaming, and sports, and there is a component of their app that connects you to people who have similar interests as you.

My first reaction was what a great idea because it is so easy to become caught up in taking care of home life and managing our work, but we also need to have a chance to play. We all need our 3rd spot. You might be saying that you don’t have time to play, but it has been proven that when we take time to have fun and recharge, we are more productive. We also can meet more people when we engage in recreation, and social interaction is generally good for us.

Where would your 3rd spot be? There are so many possibilities. Mine would probably be outside somewhere either at a race, in my garden, or walking in the park. The bookstore is another favorite for me, and I love good food, so any good restaurant would work. My ultimate 3rd spot would be Paris, France because as a French teacher who has lived there and traveled there many times, it is my happy place, filled with good memories.

I would love to hear where your 3rd spot would be. Send me a comment!    

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