Is age just a number?

I love to people-watch because they fascinate me. I enjoy watching the interactions, and I am always interested in the stories of how people became who they are, and why they act the way they do whether that shows them at their best or on a bad day. One thing that disappoints me though is when I see someone who is allowing inactivity to age them too early or damage their health, or someone who is giving in to age.

Don’t focus on the negative aspects of aging

I don’t think we have to act our age. I hear people half my age complaining about getting old and how everything hurts. If we exercise, eat right, and take care of ourselves, we can live a vibrant life without having a number attached to our health. Don’t say things like “I’m getting old.” “I can’t do that because I’m too old.” The more you speak things, the more they come to pass.  

Use it or lose it

I have an amazing mother-in-law who is 84. She is a very talented artist and a phenomenal cook. Unfortunately, instead of having fun with those activities or finding other interests, she sits in a chair all day watching television. I mean she sits there non-stop, all day without any movement except to hobble to the bathroom or the kitchen. I also know a runner who is 84. She runs races all the time and is full of energy. Inactivity is a bad idea at any age. Your body needs movement to stay healthy. Your mind needs to be stimulated to stay fresh as well.

Don’t let age stop you

Is there something you have always wanted to do, but you think you would look silly? I think you should go do it unless it’s super dangerous, then I think you should act your age! Think of all the fun you can have. Take music lessons, art classes, get a pilot’s license, whatever sounds fun to you. I started karate at 45, ran my first marathon the same year, had a baby at 43, ran my first ultra-marathon at 57, and I’m going to complete another one at 64 next week. If I can do it I guarantee almost everyone else can too.

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