What do I have to do to be a successful writer? I have asked myself the same question multiple times during my writing career, and I have concluded that the key element is patience. Most writers do not achieve success overnight, and it can be difficult to make the money we would like to, but patience and remembering why we write can help. Here are some situations when patience comes in handy.

Finding followers

Many writing platforms require you to have a certain number of followers in order to be paid, and that can sometimes feel like it takes forever. Interact and encourage other writers, respond to comments, and write consistently and you will earn followers faster. Maintain a presence.

Creating a writer’s Footprint

This was some of the best advice I received when I first started writing. It means that you should be easy to find especially if a publisher or editor wants to see your work. You need patience to build your footprint, but it will happen. I knew I had achieved the goal when my youngest said, “Mom, I googled your name, and you came up under news.” I had written quite a bit for the local media. I did a lot of writing for free which also requires patience because we all deserve to be paid for the work we do.


Some writing platforms are very encouraging and supportive, but I write for one in particular where I do not always have the strength to read the comments because some are hateful or don’t pertain at all to the topic. I wrote an article about why we have Christmas lights and the comments ranged from racial slurs to political leanings. I read them to my daughters who both said, “This was about Christmas lights, right?” It actually helped me because instead of taking comments personally now, I remember how outlandish these were, and I try to be patient and just say, “Bless their hearts.”


Most writers have days when they want to throw in the towel because they can’t seem to find the success they want. Remember to be patient because after all the rejections, one yes can change it all. Also remember that each rejection is only one voice, one opinion of your work. Keep going and your patience will pay off.

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