I want to talk to you about the power of a positive start to every day and how you can make that happen. How you start your day can set the tone, affect your emotions and change how your day will go. If you start the day with negative energy for example by arguing with a family member, your mood will start out negatively and that tends to cloud whatever else you do. If you are intentional about being positive, it can change everything. Even when negative things happen, if you treat them with a sense of humor you can turn the moment around. Here are a few ways to start the day right. Everyone is different, so I hope you can find something that works for you.

  • Wake up before everyone else and enjoy the quiet in the house.
  • Read a daily dose of inspiration. You can find some on Pinterest if you type in positive thoughts. Share it with someone and discuss it.
  • Get out in nature and sit and take it in.
  • Get out in nature and move. Exercise will wake you up, and you are doing something good for your health.
  • Manifest how you want the day to be. You can use sentences like, “Today will be amazing.” “I will be at my best today.” “Only good things will happen today.” “I will keep becoming better.”
  • Do acts of kindness. Helping others makes you feel good.
  • Pray. I always say the same prayer. “Lord, help me to be the best I can be. Help me with the right words to lift people up and not tear them down.”

I hope you will give this exercise in positivity a try, and I am hoping it will work for you.

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