I believe we are always sent blessings even though we might be too busy or distracted to see some of them. Sometimes those blessings are small things that make a difference in our lives and other times they can be something that takes our breath away. Here is the story of a blessing I was sent.

When I was born, my parents brought home a puppy. This collie named Queenie was with me until she passed when I was thirteen. It would be an understatement to say she was a special animal, and I remember the pain I felt when she passed. I consider Queenie one of my blessings. I always wanted another collie, but the closest I came to having one was a rescue dog named Leo who was a collie/German shepherd mix. He was also a very special dog.

Two years ago, after our dog had passed I was wondering where I should look for our next one. I have always liked to buy my dogs from the shelters, but Covid was making it difficult to go in, and I wasn’t sure where else to look. As I was thinking about it a thought popped into my head that said, “It will come to you.” I thought that was odd, but I decided to wait to see what happened.

One day, I was out running when my neighbor who is a dog trainer pulled up next to me in her car and told me she was going to rescue a border collie. A couple had purchased him as an emotional support dog, but he had too much energy for them. I asked to see the picture and then asked her if I could bring my husband to see him when she came back. John was willing to meet him and we were there when Lynn let him out of the crate. Four months of border collie came running into my arms and my heart was lost. I took his leash and crate and headed for home. John reminded me later that there wasn’t even any discussion. I apologized for that.

It wasn’t until a week later when I was out running that I said to God, “You brought me a collie!” I suddenly remembered the words, “It will come to you.” Bandit has definitely been a crazy mess of energy, but he reads emotions and loves his humans. I am so grateful for this blessing.

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