There are so many different kinds of fatigue. When you exercise hard your body is tired. When you are solving problems and creating all day at work or home your mind needs rest. Being weary of spirit is a culmination of everything in your life weighing heavily on you, and you temporarily lose the ability to regroup and rise back up to face your challenges.

So many things can contribute to this feeling. You can be discouraged about health or life events and it is compounded by what you see on the news, in social media, the way people treat you, a crumbling friendship, or people disappointing you in general. It all comes together to form the perfect storm of malaise. So what can you do about it? Here are a few things that work for me.


Few of us rest enough but it can change our mood and improve our health. Even a 15-minute power nap will give you extra energy.


I enjoy watching the news, but I have to take breaks from it when I feel the negativity weighing me down. I put my phone away sometimes, so I am not quite as available to everyone. Social media can wreak havoc on us as well, so consider limiting the time you spend on it.

You might also disconnect from people. Go for a run or walk, or go somewhere you can be alone.

Connect to the positive

Listen to positive podcasts, and funny interviews, and read inspirational readings. It’s hard to stay down when you are laughing.

Say no.

I sometimes feel weary in spirit when I’m helping everyone but myself. It is worse when the help I am giving is disrespected. Occasionally say you are unable to give your time.

Go outside.

There is something healing about being outside. Sit on the porch, work in the garden, or go for a walk.

Do something you love.

You often need to refill your energy tank, and doing what you love can do that.

Be intentional about happiness.

Take the time to reflect on what you need to be happy.

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