So many people make goals for the new year and then they usually forget about them after a few weeks. What if we chose power words instead that signified what we needed for the new year? A single word or two is much easier to remember than a long goal, and those words can become mantras that we know are powerful motivators when we say them over and over.

Several of my friends have chosen power words this year. One friend chose strength as her word because her husband is struggling with cancer. She needs strength to care for him well, to take care of all the emotions that both her children and she are feeling, and strength to continue to perform well at her full-time job.

Another friend chose healing because she is dealing with upheaval in her personal life, and she is feeling lost. The word healing reminds her how important self-care is for her mental health.

I have seen the success my friends have had using these power words, so I decided to choose a few of my own. I chose grateful and focused. I chose grateful because I want to remember how many blessings I have in my life. Do you ever find yourself seeing all your burdens when if you looked a little closer you would see all those hidden blessings? I want to keep my eye on all the blessings because I think gratitude is important. I also think receiving our blessings attracts more to us. Who doesn’t want a few more blessings?

My second word focused is because I want to focus on what matters. I need to be more aware of where I am directing my energy and be o.k. with saying no to those things that steal my energy instead of replenishing it. I also want to focus more on my writing. It brings me so much joy and peace, but I take care of all the responsibilities first. I am going to put it first more this year. What do you need to move up on the priority list in your life?

I love the idea of power words. I am going to repeat mine every day and spend some time reflecting on how I can harness the power behind the words. What are your power words?

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