We all know that distractions can cause havoc in our lives. If you are distracted when listening to others you can miss out on valuable communication, and we have all been behind the distracted driver at a light who realizes the light has turned green with just enough time to go through but leaving a line of angry drivers behind. Thieves use distraction as a tool, and it can cause us to make all kinds of mistakes. Knowing all this would you believe me if I told you it can be used in a positive way? Here are a few examples of how you can use it for good.

Distraction is a powerful parenting tool

I was babysitting my grandson today and he wanted to go outside, but we were having a torrential downpour, so it wasn’t a good idea. I could see his temper rising so knowing that he loves to draw I quickly pulled out a pad and markers. He turned away from the porch door and focused on the new activity. Mental mind games are a parent’s friend and fairly easy to do.

You can use distraction to achieve health goals

If you are trying to stop smoking or drinking alcohol, or you want to lose weight you can use a tactic called the 4 Ds. The 4 Ds all involve using distraction to avoid something. They are delay, deep breathing, drinking water, do something to keep your mind off of an activity. Keep yourself distracted with positive activities to eliminate the negative.

Distract yourself to exercise longer

I love to run and one of my favorite distances is the ultramarathon which is anything more than 26.2. Although I love to run, in order to do an ultra you have to have some distractions. Here are a few that you can use.

Work out with someone so you can talk and motivate each other.

Have a playlist of songs that you love and lose yourself in the music.

Work out outdoors and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Work through some problems or ideas.

Distraction doesn’t always have to be negative. Use it to your advantage and enjoy the positive effects.

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