There is a song I love by Kenny Chesney called You Save Me. The first line says, “Every now and then, I get a little lost. You save me.” All of us are a little lost sometimes, and we need those people who have our backs.

I have several people in my life that save me. My husband John and my daughters Kait and Jess are the first ones who come to mind. John is the one who reminds me what matters, especially when I am not tuning out the haters. Kait reminds me to be kind, and not to judge because everyone has stuff, and although she is twenty-one, she has the wisdom of someone much older. Sometimes Kait will say something that completely changes my perspective on a subject. She is a deep thinker who always wants to see both sides of an issue. When she was growing up I always told her to do her best to see why someone was acting or thinking a certain way. She always does that. My daughter Jessica is the one who would jump in front of a train to save the ones she loves. She is fierce, loyal, sometimes angry, and driven. I am grateful that they save me with their love.   

My running buddies also save me. They push me and inspire me, and they lift me up when I am feeling down. Most of all they make me laugh, and I know they have my back if I ever need it.

Who are the people who save you? Are you that person to someone else? Kind words, encouragement, laughter, support, and love are the important elements that it takes.

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