I generally do not like to take medicine unless I have to, but there are some situations that cannot be solved with green tea and a nap. I also have had experience with three children and grandchildren, and countless students when it comes to maintaining good health, so I would recommend always having some basic medicines on hand. These medicines will vary depending on your situation, but here is what I would recommend.

Babies and children

Diaper rash cream. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you change a diaper; the poor babies always seem to end up with a red bum.

A nasal aspirator

As disgusting as this process is, it helps to get rid of a baby’s congestion.

Children’s Tylenol

It’s a good idea to have something to reduce a fever. Cold washcloths are always a good idea too.

In general


Make sure all your prescriptions are up to date and filled. I have a prescription for migraines, and I want to be sure there is always enough on hand.

Pink eye drops

A science teacher told me that there were over-the-counter drops for pink eye relief, and when I tried them they worked just as well as what I would have gotten at the doctor. Since you never know when pink eye could strike, it’s a good idea to have some extra.

Tylenol/ sinus pills

At some point in the last few years, I have become a human barometer, so any change in the weather means I will have pressure in my head.

Decongestion medicine

I can’t stand not being able to breathe through my nose. I discovered that Vicks makes an inhaler tube that helps with decongestion.


When winter hits, my lips need relief, and Vaseline is the best. It is also great if your feet are dry.

Cough drops/cough syrup

You never know when your throat is going to have that tickle that you can’t control.

I hope these serve as reminders of what you need just in case someone is ill. Green tea and naps are good remedies too.

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