My husband was telling me about an interview with an athlete. The athlete said that he struggled with his identity, and he would do crazy things to be noticed. His girlfriend told him he was wonderful just the way he was, and he didn’t need to do crazy things. He said it was as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders when he realized he could be himself and be accepted without so much extra effort. I said to my husband that when it comes to our mental health and many other aspects of our lives, we often cause the most problems ourselves. We started to equate the situation to being the driver of your life. Here are a few of the ideas we discussed.

Stay in your own lane

We all know someone who wants to help by giving advice about everything from parenting to doing your job. Advice is great and often helpful but wait until someone asks for it and until then, focus on what you can do and what you are responsible for in your life.

Don’t honk too quickly

I am guilty of being judgmental, but judging someone doesn’t help anyone, and we have no idea what another person might be dealing with in life.

Don’t avoid regular maintenance

Taking care of your mental and physical health is crucial for your quality of life. Do what you can to keep your body and mind strong.

Yield to others

There are moments when you must stop working so hard on a relationship and either walk away or decide to let it take its own course. Realize that we can let others make decisions without our input. We are better off without drama or toxicity.

Beware of bright lights that blind you

We all are pulled in from time to time by something that seems wonderful but is not good for us. We are drawn in by the possibilities without being able to see reality.

Swerve to avoid potholes

Most people have those times in their lives when life knocks them down. Instead of staying down make a plan to recover and come back stronger.

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