Do you ever have days when you need a little dose of inspiration or motivation? I love reading something that speaks to me at the right moment, that speaks to something I am feeling, or that encourages me to keep pushing myself. Sometimes I am looking for words that give me a sense of peace. I decided if these words were so vital to me they could help others as well so here are some short positive vibes that I hope will lift you up, encourage you, and inspire you to do great things.

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Frustration is a waste of time when you could be trying again to succeed.

Worry is wasted energy because you are stressing yourself out and draining your positivity on something that probably won’t happen.

If you need a great friend, get an animal. They will listen to you without judging, and if you feed them and scratch their bellies, they will be loyal.

You are capable of so much more than you think you are. Don’t let a negative attitude hold you back from doing epic things. Have you ever noticed that the word impossible says I’m possible?

Quality trumps quantity every time, especially with friendship.

Eliminate the toxicity in your life. If something or someone isn’t good for you, or making you better, walk away.

Be kind to yourself.

Realize that our imperfections make us more interesting.

Don’t let age define you and that includes both sides of the spectrum. Break through the notions of what is unreachable at a certain age.

You can change someone’s day with a simple smile.

Sprinkle compliments like confetti and watch people glow.

Give yourself permission to do nothing.

Keep a strong spirit and don’t let negative energy pull you down.

Dare to be different if that makes you happy.

A good sense of humor is a powerful weapon to yield against failure.

I hope this helps you. Make a list of inspiration you find here and there, and read it when you need a lift.

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