My left knee is not cooperating with my need to run, so I began my first day of physical therapy today. During the time I was there, I was shown two important lessons. The first was whenever you have a pity party for yourself, (I have been a pity party animal!) you need to remember that there are other people with much bigger problems than yours. There were people trying to become stronger after surgery, a woman who could not stand up without feeling dizzy, and others who were there to improve their range of movement. I was hoping no one would say, “What are you in here for?” “My dog ran into my knee and it’s sore….”

The second lesson was about the importance of our mental strength. We can defeat ourselves with negative thoughts before we even have a chance to succeed. I was taken to a table in the corner, where I waited for my therapist. As I was waiting, I watched the lady next to me. Her body language was screaming her frustration, and she looked like she wanted to cry. She was being asked to pick up large marbles with her toes and put them in a box. I could tell that before she even started, she was convinced she could not do it. I hopped off my table, touched her shoulder, and said, “Don’t be frustrated. You can recover.” Later, I learned she was going to have surgery for plantar fasciitis. She had been suffering from it for a year and three months. She told me she used to be a runner, but she didn’t think she would ever recover.

Think about something you might have negative thoughts about, but that you would like to see change. What do you have to lose if you start manifesting positive change? Start saying that what you want to happen will happen. Say it every day, several times a day, and see what happens. You might have a pleasant surprise.

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