We all have opinions about how things should be done, and what is the best path to take in many situations. People often want to offer advice on what they think will help you, so what are the best and worse pieces of advice you have heard? I will share a few that I have heard, and I hope you can relate.

#1 Rest is important to good health

I know this is true, but I do not rest well, mostly because there are so many fun things to do. When I was teaching, I didn’t rest enough because there were so many things, I had to do to fulfill my responsibilities. I used to hate it when someone would tell me I needed to slow down and let something go. My first question was, “What do I let go of? These are all things I have to do.” I agree though that finding some time to recharge is important.

#2 Don’t talk to strangers

This makes sense to me on a safety level, but I am so fascinated by people that I talk to everyone. I was reading my list of advice to my daughter, and when I came to this one, she said, “You definitely don’t follow that one!”

#3 Show up fully

Many of us get stuck thinking about the past or worried about the future when we should be fully present in each moment. Put aside the distractions and focus on making important memories with friends and family.

#4 Don’t judge a book by its cover

Most of my friends know my greatest example of this. A student strutted into my class on the first day of class and immediately started to play the clown. My first thought was that this student was going to be a challenge. He turned out to be a fantastic blessing, and fifteen years later he calls me mom, and I call him my son. Your first impression might not be correct, so dig deeper before you think you know someone.

#5 Don’t be late

Being late is disrespectful. It is saying that you don’t respect other people’s time or don’t think it is important to show up.

#6 Be the best version of yourself, not someone else’s version

No one is perfect, but you can be the best version that you can be. You have to form your identity on your terms, not according to what someone else thinks you should be.

#7 You appreciate what was difficult to achieve more than what comes easily to you.

When you accomplish something, it means more to you if you have to work harder for it.

#8 Treat others the way you want to be treated

I could also title this don’t be a hater. If we could treat each other with more respect and kindness, relationships would be easier.

#9 Keep learning

Don’t ever imagine that you have learned enough. The world is a fascinating place, and there are so many interesting things to learn from each other. Learning new things stimulates the brain.

# 10 Believe you can, and you will believe you can’t and you won’t

Half the battle in being successful is whether you believe you can. If you don’t believe you can, you have already defeated yourself.  

#11 Listen fully

Most of the time, we are waiting for a chance to interrupt and add our own story instead of really listening. We can learn more if we learn to focus.

#12 Don’t give up

Life can be difficult for everyone, but better moments could be right around the corner. Learn resilience and keep finding ways to come back stronger.

#13 Don’t listen when others diminish your dream

Even if family and friends think your dreams are a stretch, you need to chase your passions.

# 14 You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there will always be someone who hates peaches. (Dita Von Teese) Don’t let the haters knock you down.

#15 Never make someone a priority who only sees you as an option.

Know your worth, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t recognize it.

#16 Know when you cannot argue with someone

There are moments when your perception of a situation and someone else’s perception of the same situation vary too greatly for any positive discussion.

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