Attitude can affect so many aspects of our lives. Whether you have a positive or negative attitude about your life can affect your perception of things, and your level of happiness, and your attitude about your self-worth can affect so many parts of your life. Can your attitude affect your health and how you age?

I was at a race today, and because I strained my knee several weeks ago, I had it wrapped up like a mummy so I could run. After the race, a woman started to talk to me and pointing to my knee, she said, “Don’t you find that at a certain age you start to have all kinds of injuries?” I replied that I hadn’t experienced that, but I have to do some things differently like stretching to protect myself from injuries. She then said, “Well yes, but it takes longer to heal.” She was only forty-eight, but I think she wanted me to complain about the aging process and the body. Instead, I said, “I can tell you are a serious runner, so you know that injuries happen, and you just do what you have to in order to heal.” She said, “I know, but some people give up.” That made me reflect on how much our health and fitness level depend on our attitude regardless of our age.  

This quote from the article, Surviving a Running Injury in The Canadian Running magazine sums up the way a runner thinks. “Success as a runner should mean being able to engage and enjoy running in the long term. Short-term setbacks such as injuries should not be considered absolute and having a healthy, flexible, and long-term perspective is critical. Injuries happen, they definitely suck, but they can also be opportunities to learn, grow and improve as a runner.” We see injuries as a temporary setback not the final chapter.

I also believe that if you are always focused on your aches and pains, it affects your health. All that negative energy can be harmful. Try being grateful for any of the positives about your health.

We cannot do anything about the passage of time, but we can keep a positive attitude about staying strong as long as we can.

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