Life is like a garden

Lately, when I am out in the garden, I have noticed how many things that I see there relate to what happens to us in life. Let me tell you what I mean by giving you a list of my observations.

I see ivy that attaches itself to new growth and kills it to support itself. That makes me think of the things or people in our life that hold us back from being the best we can be. We would be better off if we snipped off those vines and became stronger by supporting ourselves.

There is hidden beauty everywhere in the garden, but you have to take the time to look. Sometimes the most beautiful things are hiding under leaves, and we should be observant enough to see them. There is nothing better than finding the perfect strawberry under a leaf, just as it is wonderful to discover the beauty inside of a new friend. I’m always amazed when I swore a minute ago, I didn’t see any cucumbers in the bush, but when I look again there is the perfect one.

Gardening takes patience. Once you plant the seeds, it takes some time for the plants to grow. The same is true for relationships. We have to be patient as we build trust and a connection.

You must pull the weeds just as we need to keep improving, tweaking things in our life so we can continue to grow.

You have to endure the caterpillars to see the butterflies. It’s often the more challenging things that don’t come easily to us that make us appreciate life more.

Take risks. I tried a lot of new things in the garden this summer, and I wasn’t sure if any of them would work, but if they hadn’t, I would have tried something new. We often miss out on doing fun activities because we are afraid, we might fail.

Be open to learning new things. I have limited gardening knowledge, but I ask questions, observe, and I’m not afraid to try something new. I have learned so much from the garden.

Speaking kindly can encourage both people and plants. I can only tell you evidence that I have seen, but I had grown a tomato plant inside from a seed. In June, I brought it out to the garden to replant it, and at first, it was not doing well. I was certain I had killed it, but every day I gave it a pep talk telling it that it could make it, and it looked great. I refused to give up on it, and little by little, it grew stronger. Now, it is huge. I talk to all my plants like that. I joke with my family that if the neighbors behind us ever hear me, they will think I’m crazy. When we speak kindly to each other it makes a difference too.

Some things take longer to grow. Maybe you haven’t realized your dream yet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t.

Sometimes you need extra support to succeed. I am growing watermelons for the first time, and the plants are growing up the walls of the garden so that they have extra support and room. I ask for help all the time, and I never think asking for support is a sign of weakness. It’s finding what you need to be the best you can be.    

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