I don’t think I am the only one who has too much of something and has difficulty eliminating some of it. What do you have too much of, and is there a reason behind that?

I am slightly embarrassed that my closet is what used to be a very small bedroom for my daughter. I wish I could justify how many clothes I have by saying that my daughter visits that closet every day for her clothes, but that probably is not enough of a reason. To make it worse, my daughter said, “Do you think you have so many clothes because you didn’t have much growing up?” Kaitlyn is majoring in psychology, but I have so many clothes because I love thrift store shopping and clothes. It is time though to bag some of the clothes I don’t wear very often and give them to someone who needs them.

I also have a small library of books, but that is because reading is one of my favorite things to do, and I like to read everything. It is hard for me to give books away if they were a great read.

As a writer, I could be writing completely on my computer, but I love the feel of a journal, and I enjoy writing with paper and pen. I have way too many journals, but that is still the first area I go to in a bookstore.

My husband built me a shoe cubby wall in my closet. He was deciding how many spaces to make, and he said, “You don’t have more than 35 shoes, do you?” I responded, “No, of course not.” It turns out I have more than 35 shoes, and many of them are running shoes.

So, if you read my article, I Might Be a Prepper, it seems I might be a hoarder too! I really think I have so many of the things I listed because they all make me happy. Having too much clutter can have more meaning though.

Time Magazine’s article, America’s Clutter problem says this, “Our stuff has taken over. Most household moves outside the U.S. weigh from 2,500 lb. to 7,500 lb. (1,110 kg to 3,400 kg). The average weight of a move in the U.S. is 8,000 lb. (3,600 kg), the weight of a fully grown hippo. An entire industry has emerged to house our extra belongings–self-storage, a $24 billion business so large that every American could fit inside its units simultaneously.

It would be one thing if all our possessions were making us happier, but the opposite seems to be occurring. At least one study shows that a home with too much stuff can lead to higher levels of anxiety.”

Professional organizer, Star Hansen says, “Clutter is an external demonstration of our internal storms”

If the clutter in your home is making you anxious, begin to declutter a little at a time so you are not overwhelmed. You can donate the items you do not use, have a yard sale, or throw it away.

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