There are times when discouragement will wash over you, and the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath, regroup, and believe the outcome will be positive. We all have those moments when we are frustrated and think we should give up, but I have found that there are ways to turn that feeling around and see the reality of the situation. Write down accomplishments. Have you seen growth in some way? See that growth as a positive step. Now, make a plan to increase that growth. Instead of giving up, what can you do to improve? Make some goals for the next week or month.

There is truth in saying that sending out powerful, positive thoughts can make things happen. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, start speaking out positively about what you want to see happen. I might say, “I am going to publish five articles this week, attract ten more followers, and write another chapter in my book.” Write down everything you want to see as your reality and keep reading it out loud. Tell me about the amazing things that start to happen.

When you feel like you are doing everything wrong, give yourself some grace, and tell yourself you will figure out each new issue as it comes, learn from any failures, and continue to improve. If you are like me, you are harder on yourself than anyone else is, and that negativity could be holding you back. Begin to believe you can do it. Be your best cheerleader!

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