Have you ever done something you thought was insignificant, but then realized it had a huge effect on someone? I love helping people and I am convinced that sometimes tiny gestures yield huge results. Here are a few examples.

Give a compliment

Compliments are so easy to sprinkle around, but it requires us to interact sometimes with strangers and we are sometimes understandably hesitant to do that, so do it when you feel safe. A compliment can turn someone’s day around and it may be something she remembers long after that moment. I was in the grocery store today and there was a beautiful older woman in front of me. She had bright blue eyes and snow-white hair that was styled like a man’s crew cut. I told her I loved her hair. Her husband found me later in the store and thanked me for the compliment. He said she is recovering from cancer, and no one besides him has called her beautiful in a while.


I don’t know what it is about a smile, but when someone smiles at you, it makes you feel good as if you are special enough for the person to take the time to smile at you.

Do at least one act of kindness

Paying for a coffee for the person behind you, holding doors for the mom with a stroller, bringing a meal to someone who is struggling, or surprising someone with a gas or grocery card are all ways to show some extra kindness.

Mow a yard

Do you have an elderly neighbor who needs some yard work done? Help out in the yard.

Babysit for a mom

Moms need a break sometimes. Volunteer to watch the kids for an hour.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a huge difference. Have fun lifting up some people.

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