My husband constantly amazes me with the things he knows. I’m not talking about facts and figures, I’m talking about knowing how everything works and how to fix what doesn’t, knowing there are parts of things I never knew existed, and having keen observation and problem-solving skills. It is so impressive that my youngest daughter has asked him to write down all the things he knows in a book that she can take with her when she leaves here to live on her own. I have begged him to never leave me because my knowledge is woefully inferior to his and I would not know what was making the whossimagigger not work. Here are a few examples of when I have looked at him with my mouth open while I say, “How did you know how to do this?” Before I give you the examples, I also have to add that he tries to explain to me each time what he did to fix the problem, and I nod my head while I wonder what on earth he is talking about.

Did you know that there is a filter under the refrigerator that should be changed every six months? I did not. Go look and if the light is red, it’s time to go buy a new one.

One day, we were walking through the cellar when he stopped, looked up, and said, “Hmmm.” That is never a good sign. He noticed that our copper pipe had a tiny leak. He said, “I have to go buy new pipe, and then I’ll solder it.” I said, “Wait, you know how to solder things?” He then looked at me as if everyone knew how to do that. Last month, our neighbor had the same issue…guess who they asked for help?

Everyone in the neighborhood calls him for help. Our neighbor called at 6 a.m. and said the shower knob had come off in her hand and water was spraying everywhere. He headed over and solved the problem. Another neighbor stopped me while I was running and asked me to come inside because she heard an explosion in the basement and now, she smelled something burning. I told her I would have John come over and I predicted that he would walk in and say, “Oh, of course, it’s the whatgimaggiger.” Yup, he came in and diagnosed it in a second and then explained to me how he came to that conclusion.

Another neighbor’s shelf fell, and John headed over to put it back up. He knows how to make beautiful furniture, including beds, dining room tables, hutches, and podiums. He is our mechanic, changing brakes, spark plugs, oil, and radiators. He has climbed up a 40-foot ladder to paint our house, and he is our pool boy. This man knows so many things, so I will forgive the fact that when he was reserving a flight for me, he put my daughter’s middle name instead of mine. Nobody’s perfect!

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