Making excuses is like taking drugs, it’s an attempt to push aside reality while making the reality even worse. Excuse makers start with complaints about what they are struggling with in life, they will explain to you why they are the victim, and they will explain why there is no possible solution to their issues. If you are an excuse maker, here are some reasons you should switch to being an action taker.

Making excuses will hold you back. You cannot grow if you don’t take any action to change your situation.

If you have the courage to make your life better, you could inspire someone else to do the same.

Everyone has failed at something, so don’t worry that you might stumble, or be judged. Be transparent and ask for help.

The negativity that surrounds excuses will eat away at your mental health until your situation becomes even worse.

You are the main person that excuses hurt as you run away from the truth. Take the initiative to be an advocate for yourself. The changes have to start with you.

People will be more attracted to being around you if you are taking positive steps toward happiness. Negativity can be draining, and most people don’t want to be around it for long.

You can attract as much attention if you talk about the positive aspects of your life as you can by talking about the negative.

If your situation seems too overwhelming, reach out for help instead of assuming there is no solution.

Kick the excuses to the door and start living the extraordinary life that you have the right to have.

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