We have seen enough studies to know that negativity and stress can harm our health, and positivity can improve it. It would seem obvious then that everyone should have a positive attitude, but it isn’t always that simple. Some of us do not have personalities or attitudes that easily translate into positivity, others still are not convinced of the benefits, and many have no idea about how to introduce positivity into their lives. Positivity takes training and consistency.

Send out positive thoughts

I have always been a positive person in general when it comes to being happy and hopeful, but I knew I needed to work harder on believing in myself and believing that I could make good things happen. I started to speak positively to influence the outcome with my positive belief that it would happen. An example would be when we pulled into a crowded restaurant parking lot, I would say, “We are going to get right in. There won’t be a wait.” The first few times, my family laughed and said, “Right. We are going to have to wait.” I would make them laugh by telling them I was sending out positivity and it was going to work. I wish you could have seen their faces the first three times when we walked into a crowded restaurant and were seated right away. Now, they all believe it works and if I say something negative, my daughters will say, “Mom, don’t put that out in the universe!” Give positive phrases a try, and I hope you are pleasantly surprised.

Change your words.

Listen to what you and the people around you say. How often are your words negative? Start catching yourself when you say something negative and change it into a positive. Start saying positive things to other people. Find a compliment you can give or proclaim your faith in his ability. Start using phrases that start with, “I will”, and “I can.”

Be grateful

No matter what your situation is, there are things to be grateful for in your life. Make a list where you can see it and add to it as you think of new things.

Welcome in the positive

I say to myself every day, “I pray for only good things. Please let me lift people up and not tear them down.”

Surround yourself with positive words and people

The people around you influence your attitude. Positivity and negativity are catchy, so choose the better option. Have positive words where you can see them, and listen to positive podcasts.

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