I have my dog’s personality

If you have read any of my articles about my dog, you know that I joke about his personality traits that are sometimes a lot to handle, but I am so in love with this dog, even the crazy parts of him. Anyways, this morning I was out throwing the Frisbie with him, and as he ran off to subdue a stick, I suddenly realized that I am like my dog in many ways. Let me explain with this list of traits we share.


I cannot sit still for long. When someone talks about a twofer (watching two movies back-to-back), I can’t even imagine. If I sit down to watch television, I must be doing another activity as well. I don’t like not feeling productive. Bandit has the same energy. When he is finally lying quietly, I’m afraid to move and break the spell. I think he is so excited about all the possibilities for fun that he doesn’t want to miss a second.


I don’t do well waiting to do something. I want it to happen right away. I need action. Bandit will bring you a tennis ball to throw, and he will bring it closer and to different spots. If you still don’t throw the ball, he will take one item at a time out of his toy box and bring them to you. He doesn’t understand that you might be busy, he wants you to interact with him now.

The need to be loved

Bandit cannot stand it when you are disappointed in him. He will love on you and give you a pitiful look until you assure him that he is amazing. I don’t need to be convinced of that, but it is important to me to feel loved by the people I care about.

A love of food

I am always hungry and so is Bandit. My mood drops to a dangerous level if I am hungry for too long. It is so bad that if we are on a road trip, and I say I am hungry, my husband gets a panicked look and starts looking for the nearest exit.

A love of running

Running feels like freedom for me, and I think Bandit feels the same. It is just a different type of freedom for the two of us. When Bandit runs, he releases all the extra energy, racing towards adventure and squirrels. When I run, the freedom comes in movement and clearing my mind.

A love of people

I love talking to people, watching them, and inventing scenarios for their lives, and I especially love helping them if I can. Bandit doesn’t think anyone is a stranger, and he is going to give the next person as much love as the last.

A positive response to meanness

One of the traits I love about Bandit is that when another dog becomes a little aggressive, Bandit has avoidance techniques instead of engaging in aggressive behavior. I have interacted with quite a few toxic people, and although I have had to confront a few about their behavior, I would rather be the better person than to imitate them.

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