I had the strangest dream last night. I met a woman who had been in a coma since 1971. She was asking me what had changed since that time. I know I dreamed this because my husband and I were talking about the crazy things happening in the world. It’s easy to shake your head and say what is going on? Has everyone lost their mind? The fact is though, we have had controversy and a lot of crazy in every decade. So, here are the questions I remember her asking in the dream and my answers to them.

Dream lady: How have things changed? Has there been a lot of progress?

Me; Well, there has been progress in many ways, but we still have a lot of work to do.

Dream lady; Have there been improvements in gender and racial equality?

Me; We have had a black president, and we have our first female vice-president, and the speaker of the house is a woman. However, we still have work to do in this area too.

Dream lady: If a lot of progress has not been made in human relationships, where did most of the positive changes happen?

Me; We have made many advances with technology. Instead of researching with books, we use the internet for quick answers. We have cell phones that can serve most of our needs. They can give us directions, let us send messages to each other, and we can video chat, read books, and watch movies. There is something called social media where we can share photos and post our thoughts and comments. There are different types of social media including one that is just for quick photos that you can alter to look better. Although they can be a way to connect, they can also cause problems by fostering comparisons, and sometimes stirring the opinion pot.

Dream lady: So, our culture has focused more on perfecting machines than on strengthening relationships.

Me; Well, that would depend on your perception.

Dream lady; What about food? Please tell me that hamburgers and pizza are still popular.

Me; Definitely.

Dream lady: Thank goodness something makes sense.   

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